The Original CryptoPunk

  1. The Original CryptoPunk
  2. Why CryptoPunk Females don’t Smile or Frown
  3. Tassle Hat was originally for Males
  4. Do Zombies face left or right
  5. PunkScale: the colors of CryptoPunks
  6. The mystery of transparency values
  7. Hat or hair
  8. Do CryptoPunks have a right ear
  9. Do Zombies face left or right
  10. Attribute Asymmetries
  11. The TOP attribute
  12. The making of RebelPunks

Of the 10,000 CryptoPunks, which was first designed by Matt Hall and John Watkinson in 2017?

I believe the provenance of such a punk would be significant, as Da Vinci’s early art is today. CryptoPunk #0 is cool too, but that is the first punk made by the algorithm, not the artists. No, I do not own the original punk.

Different color hexes for Earring, Tierra, and Police Cap, respectively.
Early attribute: Mohawk
Early attribute: Normal Beard

Original Brown #a66e2c

I’ve started to call #a66e2c Original Brown.

The eyes of Human Female with light skin tone.
Finding a needle in a punkstack
The zero attribute CryptoPunks, of which there are only 8.
The Original CryptoPunk

Wrap up

Thank you for going down the rabbit hole with me.

RebelPunks fight for freedom of expression. They introduce the Rebellion mechanism, making them the first truly unburnable NFT and a yielding asset to active community members.



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