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  • Alex Beyman

    Alex Beyman

    I post text here, often accompanied by images and sometimes video. People then clap or don't depending on whether they enjoy what I posted.

  • Emil Kendziorra

    Emil Kendziorra

    President of the Board at EBF & CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis

  • People + AI Research

    People + AI Research

    People + AI Research

  • Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson

    pixel flipper. DataVis UXE @ Google. organizer @d3unconf, formerly @lever. building blocks with blockbuilder.org

  • Jonathan Hui

    Jonathan Hui

    Deep Learning

  • Morgan


    Co-founder of @lenia_nft (and @Explee). Been geeking code and stuff since forever. ML and Web3 enthusiast.

  • Daphne Cornelisse

    Daphne Cornelisse

    Neuroscience Student at Erasmus University College

  • Alex Jiang

    Alex Jiang

  • Devon Meyer

    Devon Meyer

    Progressive millennial midwest to west coast migrant. Advocate for socially responsible technology. Senior Product Manager @Square

  • Eric Kennedy

    Eric Kennedy

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