Reverse engineering the CryptoPunks art algorithm, part 1

In March I became obsessed with the CryptoPunk art, reverse engineered the CryptoPunk generator algorithm, and noticed a few cool things.

  1. Why CryptoPunk Females don’t Smile or Frown
  2. Tassle Hat was originally for Males
  3. Do Zombies face left or…

The COVID crisis was a competence test for organizations.

  • Doordash had over 99.9% uptime, while local governments flip-flopped on restaurant closures.
  • Moderna delivered 94% effective vaccine doses in 2020, while Johnson and Johnson…

Saliency maps have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are a popular visualization tool for gaining insight into why a deep learning model made an individual decision, such as classifying an image. …

Living in San Francisco, I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of people who have told me they wanted to blog more.

Regular blogging is another item in the pile of should-dos with healthy diet, consistent exercise, and limited social media use.

How can I fight the force that stops me from blogging more? After all, I have a list of topics that might make good posts. …

SpaceX Falcon Heavy static fire test

Aligned Artificial General Intelligence will be the most sophisticated system humanity has ever attempted to build. We know of many ways that such an attempt may fail. And yet, this is not humanity’s first rodeo. …

LunarLander-V1 environment

OpenAI Gym is a toolkit for testing reinforcement learning algorithms. Gym is fun and powerful, but installation can be a challenge. This post will give you a one-line command to install Gym on any modern Mac, reducing your setup time to minutes.

To get started, open up terminal and run…

Earnest recently released its first iOS app. Below I share some details of how we engineered it.


Nibs and storyboards can’t seem to get along.

Imagine an iOS app that uses a storyboard for laying out view controllers. At some point you want to make a UIView subclass called MyView, implement its layout with a nib, and have it appear in a view controller in your storyboard…

Andrew Schreiber

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